Campus CardUpon registration, students will receive a personal campus card, which is essential for accessing campus facilities, dining in the cafeteria, and entering buildings. It is important to always carry your campus card with you and ensure its safety. Both the first campus (Faculty & Students Service Center) and the second campus (Information Service Center) have recharge machines for the campus card. You can top up your cards at these machines and use them in any cafeteria. Cards received during registration can be kept as mementos if desired.

AccommodationWe provide dormitory arrangements for students with options of 2-person or 4-person rooms. A fee is required for 2-person rooms, and 4-person rooms are free of charge.

InternetThe university offers temporary wireless internet accounts for all students. These accounts utilize the student ID as the account ID and the date of birth (8 digits) as the password. You can access the wireless network using HIT-WLAN. The account is valid for the duration of the program.

SIM CardIf you wish to have a local SIM card, you can visit any major mobile network operator in China, such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. Just bring your passport, and the staff there will assist you in purchasing and activating a SIM card.

DiningThe first campus features 5 cafeterias: Xuezi Building (Dumpling Paradise), Xueyuan Building, Xueshi Building, Halal Canteen, and Lilac Leisure Bar. The second campus offers 4 cafeterias: Qingze Canteen, Jinxiu Canteen, Halal Canteen, and Tianxiang Canteen.

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